Itronics ITB-100HD

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Itronics ITB 100HD SP Dash Cam


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Full HD 1080p video resolution Itronics ITB-100 HD SP Dash Camera, 

Built-in GPS ,

Auto start/stop,

3-axis G-Sensor

Separate Event Files Folder to avoid auto delete.

1 Year DashCamsOnly warranty

Free 8gb Micro SD card included

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The Itronics ITB-100HD SP Smart Plus DVR is an update to the very popular Itronics ITB-100HD.
Compact Korean built dash cam with very good picture quality during the day and good picture quality at night.

It has a number of improvements over the ITB-100HD including:

  1. Records 1080p at 30f/s instead of 24f/s
  2. The boot-up time is reduced to approximately 15 seconds instead of 30 seconds.
  3. Has voice capability that will verbally inform the driver on any major status changes
  4. A white LED light in the front of the camera
  • The bitrate for the ITB-100HD SP is somewhat low at 6 MB / sec and is not adjustable (same as the original ITB-100HD). 
  • It has a built-in GPS module and uses standard SD cards.
  • This dash camera also has a G-sensor and parking mode.
    • Full HD 1080p video resolution Itronics ITB-100 HD SP Dash Camera
      The ITB-100’s 2-megapixel CMOS Sensor captures continuous loop video up to Full HD 1080p in quality, which is then stored in separate files (the length of which can be altered in minutes). Once the SD Card is full, the camera will re-write over old video footage.
    • Built-in GPS in Dash Cam
      Track your speed and location on your video with the ITB-100 HD SP’s built-in GPS module, which adds an accompanying overlay to your HD video.
    • Auto-Parking Mode
      Hard-wire the camera to your vehicle and ‘Parking Mode’ can be enabled. In essence, this turns the iTronics into a vehicle CCTV camera that records and stores video through motion detection. If someone is tampering with your vehicle, or simply walks past it, the camera will detect and store. When in parking mode the camera runs off the car battery. Whilst it uses such a minimal amount of power that it would take days to drain the stationary car’s battery fully, a Battery Discharge Prevention Device is recommended as a precaution.
    • 3-axis G-Sensor - Separate Event Files
      This internal G-Sensor enables the ITB-100 HD to store video based on shock detection. So large bumps in the road, sharp braking or collisions will automatically be stored to the SD Card. The level of shock that the camera determines significant enough to record can be adjusted for your convenience.
    • Auto start/stop Dash Camera
      The camera takes approximately 15-seconds to start recording once it receives power and around 60-seconds to obtain a GPS signal. ‘Parking Mode’ becomes active once the camera has been stationary for 5-minutes, and will only store data based on motion-detection, rather than continuously recording everything.
    • Built-in Super Capacitor
      This internal backup battery’s primary function is to prevent you losing crucial data in the event of a collision heavy enough to disconnect or damage the camera. If it is disconnected, it will stay powered just long enough to store potentially crucial HD video of the incident.
    • Optional Audio
      Recording the sounds of the road to accompany the visuals is entirely optional, so it depends on which is most appropriate for your requirements. Incidentally, this Mic On/Off button is the only button that features on the camera; everything else happens automatically, with settings changeable on the computer



ITB100 - HD



1 /2.7” large CMOS

Pixel / Angle

2 Megapixels / 144 Degree


Compression Method


Variable Resolution

FULL HD 1920 x 1080 , HD 1280 x 720 , D1 720 x 480

Variable Frame

15 , 24 , 30 f/s

3 – Axis Acceleration Sensor


Special specifications

Automatic Running Mode




Video Out

Supported (NTSC)

Voice Recording

Built-in Mic

Rated Power

DC 12 ~ 24V




96.2mm(L) x 40.4mm(H), 80g

Act Temperature

-20 Degree ~ 70 Degree Centigrade



Additional Information

SKU 5397
Country Of Manufacture South Korea
Brand Itronics
Condition Brand New
HD Yes
Motion Detection Yes
G Sensor Yes
Recording Mode Auto (Mode Change), Manual / Emergency, Parking Mode, Event Recording
mic Yes
Speaker Yes-Built-in
2CH No
GPS Yes (Built-in)


  1. True HD Car DVR "Black Box" Recorder Review by HuGuy

    over all its a good product that work well and is very easy to use.

    PROS: no over heating problems unlike the blackvue
    - the recording quality is good during the day but is just ok at night
    - you are only able to read lic plate if the car is not in motion and is within 5 ft in front of you.

    CONS: clarity at night is not the greatest. I dont believe this is a true 1080P HD quality more like 720p (yes i have the settings on 1080P)
    - the IPASS Black program does not always work
    - if you have a MAC, windows 7 or 8, forget about using the program as it wont even start up with the SD card in the computer. you are still able to play the video on quicktime or windows media player or
    - the mic is not the greatest but works decent.

    overall its a good product.... this product is mainly only used to record accidents not obtain lic plates while car is in motion.... dispite the cons i am able to express this is still one of the best car dash cams out there. (Posted on 4/12/2014)

  2. Great Consumer Dashcam Review by J Hutchison

    + Full HD! - can read license plates and see details clearly in daylight
    + Built-in GPS is surprisingly accurate with both location and speed.
    + Built-in accelometer records any bumps or "shocks" the vehicle receives.
    + Good quality mounting sticker
    + Several configuration options
    + Updateable firmware - if you can find it
    + Automatically over-writes oldest files when card is full
    + Small and semi-inconspicuous
    + Automatically saves video when unplugged
    +-Parking mode option if camera is powered
    +-Default configuration options don't work well, but are changed easily.
    +-Included 8GB card is only 4 hours of HD video. Easily upgradeable to 32GB card though.
    - Not so great at night - this is where the 5th star went.
    - Software tends to crash/lock up fairly often
    - I believe there is no manufacturer warranty for the US.
    - No button to permanently keep a recording
    - Built-in mic records quiet and muffled. (Posted on 3/2/2014)

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